Amin Abdulrahman (b.2001) is a London-based, British- Nigerian visual artist working primarily with photography. Their work attempts to explore themes of effervescence, belonging, temporality, and positionality. All of which are explored against a backdrop of navigating the world as a Black individual. They work between Nigeria and the UK, using imagery, print manipulation, and sound.
A practical understanding of relational ethics and mitigation of the violence of the camera lay at the heart of Amin’s work. They accomplish this by adjusting and finding new ways of working to respect the autonomy and humanity of those being photographed, in an effort to move away from photography’s extractive, colonial origins.

They hold a BA in Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics from King’s College London. Amin is currently studying for an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art.

Group Exhibitions 

  • Graduate Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK - June 2024 (Upcoming)
  • Earthern Reverie, Royal College of Art, London, UK - April 2024 (Upcoming)
  • Off- Centre Photography Festival, Tenfold, Nottingham, UK - November 2018 
  • Off- Centre Photography Festival, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, UK - October 2018